Blade Housing

Thanks to an internal leverage-rod, it's a snap to raise and lower your rudder blade with this tiller and rudder box assembly. It protects the blade in an upright position when you don't want to use a rudder, and has adjustable spring tension that keeps the blade down in the water when you do. All parts are machines for precision fit and coated the Teflon® to prevent corrosion.  Available in three styles to fit kayaks with different stern configurations.


Top Mount Short Pin Style

Installs on kayaks with a rudder pivot hole located on a flat or stepped down area on the rear deck. Typical examples are Current Designs and Pacific Water Sports kayaks (see below).

TMSP SKU #03817


Top Mount Long Pin Style

Installs on kayaks with an extension or a vertical hole all the way through the rear of the kayak. Typical examples are Perception, Dagger and Wilderness Systems kayaks (see below).

TMLP SKU #03815


Rear Mount Style

Installs on kayaks with a vertical, flat section on the stern of the kayak using a bracket. Typical examples are Epic, Necky and Northwest kayaks (see below).

RM SKU #03816