Standard Foot Brace

All the features of the Foot Control, minus the rudder control, our Foot Brace is the finest on the market. Even while seated, pedal position is easily adjusted for different users. Pedals cannot be accidentally dislodged so you remain in a solid brace at all times. The unique track design prevents build-up of sand and debris.

SKU #03810


Vertical Adjustment Kit

The Vertical Adjustment Kit allows the user to set the height of the Toe Pilot Foot Control during installation for optimal control. The Kit also aids in installation of the Foot Control or Foot Brace in kayaks with pre-existing mounting holes that do not match standard configurations.

SKU #03848


Cool Rudder Wedgie

Compatible with SmartTrack systems or kayaks already outfitted with a rudder, the patented Cool Rudder Wedige (aka CRW) was designed for easy rudder control cable set-up. After installation, fine adjustments can easily be performed without the aid of tools to keep your rudder centered.

SKU #03840


Spare Parts Kit

A comprehensie set of parts, designed to servive all SmartTrack components. You may find that your system does not utilze all parts found in the kit, but we felt it best to insure your be fully covered than left short.

SKU #03847